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What is Oculoplasty?

Oculoplasty refers to plastic surgery procedures relating to the eyes and the structures surrounding the eyes. Such surgeries can be reconstructive (re-building) surgeries–to correct the abnormalities in the structure or cosmetic surgeries–to make your self look more beautiful.

Reasons For Oculoplasty Procedures:

Plastic surgeries could be done to treat following abnormalities commonly

  • Brow lifts in case of sagging eyebrows and to reduce forehead wrinkles
  • To correct droopy eyelids due to abnormal muscle development, ageing or trauma in the eyes
  • To control excessive tearing
  • Swollen eyes due to infection, conditions of thyroids, etc.
  • Wrinkle lessening
  • Skin cancer reconstruction
  • To correct the effects of an injury or previously done eye surgeries.
    Oculoplasty surgery help you to get beautiful, healthy looking eyes which can definitely improve your over-all appearance and the quality of life.
Prevention of an Eyelid Surgery

Drinking adequate amount of water, having a balanced meal including fiber and minerals, maintaining adequate and good pattern in sleeping, wearing good quality sunglasses, keeping your eyes clean and taking care of your environment are ways of preventing any surgeries to your eyes.

Ptosis Surgery

This surgery corrects the problem of droopy eyelids. We have seen people having upper eyelid dropped down and this surgery can be performed on an eye or both eyes. This is a natural abnormality in some and this condition could arise with aging. Droopy eyelids can also result in a significant vision difficulty or eyelid swelling and appear cosmetically unappealing, making your self less confident to walk in to the public.