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What is Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses when compared with spectacles, provide better peripheral vision and do not collect moisture or perspiration. They are very good for sports and other outdoor activities. Aesthetics and Cosmetics are the main motivating factors for choosing contact lenses other than the functional and optical reasons. At Vasan, we understand your need for choosing contact lenses and help you switch over to them with great ease using a large line of Soft and Semi-Soft Contact Lenses.

Soft Contact

Standard Contact

These spherical or toric lenses can be used everyday for about 8 hours and should be replaced every year.

Cosmetic Contact

These lenses are worn to enhance cosmetic appearance by changing the eye color.

Bifocal Contact

These lenses correct presbyopia by correcting both distance vision and near vision by a single pair of contact lenses.

Disposable Contact

These latest generation lenses are available as spherical and toric contact lenses which can be disposed as either quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly or on a daily basis.

Semi-soft Contact Lenses

When a person is intolerant to soft contact lenses due to allergy or under correction of high astigmatism, he will be adviced to wear semi soft contact lenses. These lenses are specially designed to match the patient’s corneal contour thereby resulting in a sharper and clearer vision. We use the best of the lenses like Rose K lenses, Scleral lenses and Kerasoft lenses based on the patients needs and fit.